People that love purpose and fun.

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Dirk Minnebo - Inspiring Compass, Disruptive Thinker, Differentiation Maker.

Dirk is an engineer electronics specialised in computer networks. During 15 years he occupied sales and marketing positions with IT start-ups.

He knows nothing about traditional marketing (despite an MBA) and wants to keep it this way (because of that same MBA).

Intrigued by decision processes and customer experience he developed a method to influence both these crucial aspects of the selling process.

Today, 17 years after its introduction, his method, The Purpose Initiative, is the single methodology which is capable to predict results and satisfies both customers and sales.

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Tanja Van den Abeel Senior Associate, Idea Pit and Critical Partner.

Tanja has 38 years experience in Financial and Investment Management working with companies such as Citibank and Deutsche Bank.

Tanja is responsible for the quality of each training product, meaning she never accepts any course that is not complete nor clear.

Man, do we love her attitude!
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Jan De Swert - Cross-examiner, Viral Coach and Game Specialist.

Jan is the guy who makes your nights short, interesting and meaningful.

He occupied several sales and training positions which large international companies.

Once he lived in Germany, which we will never use against him. Although it gives his accent a funny ehm... sound.

Today, Jan makes sure our customers are challenged and pushed forward. Big time.

The moment he pulls out the gaming cards, you'd better be prepared.

And he knows everything about cigar box guitars. We warned you!
What about you?